Artist Spotlight: Jon Shorter & The Gateway Band

What do you get when you cross the eruptive energy of a captivating rock concert with that feeling you get that causes your body to rhythmically convulse against your will (and consequently the will of everyone within your immediate perimeter, whose feet are under the perilous threat of your own)?

You get the Jon Shorter Band, who at less than a year old, has sprung up out Fayetteville, Arkansas to become one of the most notorious bands in Northwestern Arkansas. Fusing pop rock, jam band, and funk, Jon Shorter and The Gateway Band have amassed a following of believers always eager for the next gig.

Band Members

Jon Shorter – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards
Skyler Greene – Electric Guitar, Backup Vocals
Clay Johnson – Bass, Backup Vocals
Travis Smith – Drums
Micheal Hanna – Horns