Artist Spotlight: Fallen Gracefully


Artist Spotlight: Fallen Gracefully

Northwest Arkansas Rock Band, Fallen Gracefully formed in 2009 with nothing but an idea from singer/songwriter Brandon “Rufus” Williams. The band is a collective
formation of Groove Rock mixed with heavy drums and bluesy guitars that has formed a unique sound.

“Our music is meant to inspire our listeners and encourage them to move forward in life, regardless of their obstacles and troubles. There is another side to the woes of life and you can move beyond your past and into your present”, say’s Williams.

Fallen Gracefully is a blend of all it’s members influences. Tapping into the 70’s guitar oriented sound, mixing with an 80’s hair metal formula, then combine that with the emotions and overtones of the 90s grunge movement.

Williams say’s, “So, the meaning in the band’s name Fallen Gracefully comes from the idea that when you fall with grace you will most definitely rise with power.”

The band is ready to kick off Spring and Summer with both acoustic and full production shows.

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