Artist Spotlight: The Reeves Brothers

The Reeves Brothers got their start early on, in life. Their father, Jack Reeves, an Academy of Country Music nominee, had them onstage by the time they were walking. Matt grew up listening to his dad’s friends Clarence White, Bobby Warford, and Eddy Drake. That’s what shaped his playing along with the help of Les Doss, Chuck Willis, and OD Ordonez,

Cole was more like his Dad, it was all about entertaining, and that’s just what he did. Being onstage at just 4 years old, Cole knew he was on to something… as all the ladies, in the bar, would stuff his pockets full of money, when he would get up and sing.

By the time 2013, had rolled around… Cole was in Nevada, holding a set down gig, and Matt was in Arkansas, playing Honky-Tonks, every week. At the very end of the year, their manager Steven Martinez and Matt’s drummer Nate Wong, came up with an idea. They wanted Matt and Cole, to start The Reeves Brothers… and that’s how it all began. At the very end of the year, Matt, Cole, Kelly Bishop, and Nate Wong formed The Reeves Brothers. Playing shows throughout the Mid-South, the 4 guys were rocking every club, that they’d walk into.

After a year of playing the same Tri-State area, Matt and Cole were on their way to a gig, when an old Buck Owens song “Big In Vegas” came on the radio. The week after, they were staring at the “Welcome To Las Vegas” sign, with lit cigars. They had finally made it to their destination, with one goal in mind… playing real Country Music, in the bright neon glow of Sin City!

In 2016, they released their 1st album “Home Sweet Honky-Tonk”. It received great reviews, with The Las Vegas Review Journal saying, “It’s an album meant to be played on a jukebox also stocked with the likes of Charlie Rich, David Allan Coe and Merle Haggard, pretty much every one of its 10 songs about women and boozin’, the former catalyzing much of the latter. The record is deeply rooted in ’70s outlaw country, with pedal steel-belted ballads and honky-tonk hell-raisers about practically taking up residence at the local watering hole, the Reeves brothers’ voices as smooth as top-shelf bourbon.

Now, they have a new record coming out October 21st. “King Of Country Music”, which they produced themselves, at National Ave. Recording. Rooted in 1970’s Honky-Tonk style, The Reeves Brothers are bringing back authentic Country Music! When the bars were filled with smoke, and the jukeboxes would play a song for a nickel, a spin!

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