Another Arkansas music festival has been canceled. Phases of the Moon, a Pipeline Production event has announced that the festival is unable to take place, Oct 16-18, 2015 near Ozark, AR. A separate statement regarding ticket refunds will be made directly to ticket holders.

Per the Phases of the Moon Facebook page the announcement states..

“It saddens us to inform you that Phases of the Moon Music & Art Festival has to be canceled. We were very excited to have had the opportunity to continue the Phases adventure in Arkansas this year. Unfortunately, due to a significant number of unforeseen obstacles, including the continued closure of the only road leading into the festival site, we were left with no choice but to cancel the event.

We apologize sincerely for this inconvenience and hope to see all of you at great live music and events in the near future. A separate notice will be sent to ticket holders concerning refunds.
Thank you for your love and support.”

Phases of the Moon Music & Art Festival, a grass-roots music festival would have taken place October 16-18th at Mulberry Mountain near Ozark, AR with 3 days of 100% organic feel-good music, awe-inspiring art and camping.

Pipeline Productions also canceled Thunder on the Mountain earlier this year.