It is likely that you are in the company of someone either openly or concealing a handgun everyday.

Arkansas Act 746 states that a citizen may openly carry a firearm on or about their person, as long as he/she does not intend to commit a crime. Almost all NW Arkansas Law Enforcement Agencies now acknowledge this as law, with the exception of the Arkansas State Police.

“Openly Carry” is being defined to most to mean “To carry openly, how you choose”.

So the question is, where can you carry openly or concealed if you simply want to take the family out for dinner.

Here is a list of NW Arkansas Restaurants that are confirmed to allow the safely opened or concealed carry of a handgun while enjoying a meal, however it is to my understanding that most already do.

Naturally, the consumption of alcohol while carrying a weapon has it’s own place in our state’s law and should be observed.

Other businesses such as Wal-Mart, Harps, Academy Sports, Aldi’s and many others in NWA have also allowed their customers to carry.

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