Fayetteville’s Open Addiction Release Im Over It


Fayetteville’s Open Addiction Release Im Over It

Arguably one the greatest bands to emerge from Northwest Arkansas, Open Addiction broke grounds with their first single, Over Now. Founded in 2005 by front man Justin Anderson, he has appeared onstage with internationally famous acts such as Korn, Sevendust, Staind, and many others.

Through powerful guitar riffs and immeasurable vocals, Open Addiction displays their intricate drum lines and heavy bass lines to take you on a journey through hard times, pain, love, hate, and recovery. Displaying a physical embodiment of melodic balance of hard rock and progressive metal music, the band expresses a range of emotions through captivating lyrics and persuasive melodious sensation.

Open Addiction started out playing empty halls and have managed to overcome all adversity, which is evidenced in their performances alongside some of the biggest names in hard rock. The band rose above drug habits and bunk record deals and pride themselves on being open and vocal about who you are.

Open Addiction is set to release yet another album in early July of 2021

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