NWA’s The Blacklisted Release “Lost”

Back in 2014, The Blacklisted started as just a group of kids getting together to jam with the hopes to play a few gigs in the local area. After winning the 2015 Bella Vista Hay Days Battle of the Bands, they continued writing some of their own songs and playing gigs around NW Arkansas.

Currently, The band performs with 3 members:

  • Max Hinojosa – Lead Guitar/Vocals •
  • Cole Brisco – Bass Guitar/Backup Vocals •
  • Jon Wheeler Drums/Backup Vocals

With influences from Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink Floyd, to Rage Against The Machine, Johnny Cash and Rush, they’ve developed a Rock/Classic Rock sound that has continued to pull fans to their local shows.

The recent release of “Lost”, The Blacklisted jump in to the world of digital downloads. Find this new release on your favorite music source, including Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lost-ep/1344388387

Dave Brisco
Booking Manager
dangeroustoy7@ yahoo.com

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