Fayetteville’s Sam Thompson Records With Crisp Studios


Fayetteville’s Sam Thompson Records With Crisp Studios

Northwest Arkansas musician, Sam Thompson pays a visit to our friends at Crisp Recording Studio in Fayetteville. The rest, is magic. Check out Sam’s recording of  his Rocka Billy style tune, “Ball and Chain”

I couldn’t find a bio on Sam but what I did find was a personal “review” of Sam. I don’t think I could have described him better.

What is unique about Sam Thompson is that, HE IS UNIQUE. He has captured that laid-back Jim Croce emotional–depth-thing, that left us, way too soon. He has made each of the other artists’ songs he performed last night into his very own. His repertoire of songs were not exclusive to the list below and are quite familiar, with a Sam’s “dash of country”.

What I was VERY FOND of was his own originals: la la land and Ball and Chain. These two songs are quick, easy-flowing and amusing! I believe one could two-step to each or both. Sam’s Riding on the Wind and Crazy, on the other hand are slower, romantic grinds and lost love – It’s 1975.

I’m reminded of the groups America and/or Bread and I’m having a-happy-weep. Thank-you Sam!” 

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