How To Add Your Music To Spotify


How To Add Your Music To Spotify

If you don’t currently work with a distributor, Spotify works with companies who can handle the licensing and distribution of your music and pay you the royalties you earn when listeners stream your music on Spotify. There’s usually a fee or a commission involved, but each service is unique, so be sure to do a little homework before picking one that’s right for your needs.

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Note: If you want to pitch music to our playlist editors, it must be unreleased. We recommend picking a distributor that allows you to select a release date at least a week in the future. That way, you can ensure your music is delivered to us early enough to pitch it.

Visit Spotify’s provider directory for a list of preferred and recommended distributors that meet the standards for providing quality metadata and protecting against infringement.

Click here to hear our Spotify Playlist featuring NW Arkansas Artists. Want to add your music to our playlist? Contact us to let us know.