We’re always looking for more ways to show off Arkansas’ local music scene. Our network of Websites and Social Media pages reach 1000’s weekly and we feel more and more of our followers want to see more videos, so now NWA Rocks Offers Free Music Video Submissions.

NWA Rocks, a subsidiary of Rockin’ Hog Media specifically targets the General Public but have Lables, Artists, Producers, Event Organizers and of course Musicians from all over the world following us. For most bands, we have their largest audience.

Each post is SEO extensive to help not only us, but the artist become more relevant in Google searches and is blasted out to our extensive email subscriber list when it’s posted and then again as a weekly recap on Saturday mornings. We drive additional traffic from our very large Social Media network.

Additionally, NWA Rocks can track each visitor thru Pixel Technology, allowing us to provide an additional service to an artist by boosting an upcoming Facebook Event, A Music Download site, a website or whatever, and then re-targeting only the people who originally checked out their video. This method is a huge money saver, less spammy and very effective at re-targeting new fans who have recently just learned about you. Perfect for the band who only has $20 to $100 for advertising.

Band or Artist submissions are free. We will only post 1 video per month for each band. We do offer an attractive sponsorship package for any Video Production company who may be interested. Just Contact Us.