Photo: Tom Mowery Photography

Former lead man for “The Revolutioners”, Phil Houston has announced the first single release “Last Kiss” for his new band “The Resistance“. Check out the video below.

Houston had auditioned as Lead Singer for Stone Temple Pilots with hopes to replace Chester Bennington who replaced Scott Weilend. Clearly Houston has found his home with this new band.

Luke Williams of the Luke Williams Band takes up a Guitar spot. Williams is a hot lick Country player who also likes to play Rock n’ roll. His song writing skills will compliment Houston’s.

Justin Velte holds a guitar as well and is equally as good as Luke, just from the rock side of guitar. There is a great balance with the two, and you’ll defiantly hear it on the upcoming album. Justin is also a member of Bombay Black and Orange Star High.

All these guys are stud players and great people. I’m truly the weakest link in this band.

– Phill Houston/Vocals

Ty Sims has the 4 string and doubles as Bombay Black bassist. Ty is more than a bass player. He tells it straight. You don’t like it? Get bent. Ty has produced countless albums and literally saves albums for other bands. He’s been a sound engineer and production manager for top selling acts and will become a real asset to the band.

Erik Johnson beats the drums like a cop and can play just about any instrument. His skills at writing and thinking outside of the box will prove to be invaluable. Erik is considered a borderline genius at many levels and the human band-aide for other bands, working with Ty on many projects. His background harmonies will compliment Houston. Erik is also the singer and guitarist for Bombay Black.

The Resistance will perform TC’s Midtown on March 30th with Dirty Lindsey and promises more from their upcoming album.