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Jimmie Van Zant has passed away in hospice care on Thursday from Liver cancer.  It has been confirmed by his family on his Facebook page.  NWA Rocks spoke with Van Zant’s booking agency, Artists International Management  regarding Jimmie’s passing.  Mark Lyman of Artists International Management expressed the companies sadness at the news of Jimmie’s passing and said he was a great guy to work with and he will be missed.  He also wanted the family to know they are sending their prayers. Sources close to the family say Van Zant passed away while holding the hand of his beloved wife.

The cousin of the iconic Van Zant’s has been battling liver cancer for several years.  He had been awaiting a liver transplant for a few years and there were several benefit concerts held in support of his fight for life where other music artists gave of their time and talent to help him.

The Van Zant family has seen their share of tragedy when they lost Ronnie Van Zant, the founder of Lynyrd Skynyrd and other band members were killed in a plane crash in 1977.  Jimmie is the cousin to the Van Zant’s and grew up right down the road from them.  He too entered the music business and made a name for himself touring around the United States for several years.  Known in the southern rock genre, many fans are praying for Jimmie’s gentle transition to the afterlife and are getting ready to say goodbye to one of their favorite performers and an all around good guy.  Below is one of his music video’s, a song about an unfinished life.  Sometimes they say art imitates life and in this case life is imitating art.

Jimmy Van Zant Dies At 59