BENTONVILLE — The city will test its storm warning sirens at 1 p.m. Friday, weather permitting.

The sirens will sound twice as they would in an emergency, according to a news release.

The first sound will be a steady blast for three minutes, according to the release. This means an imminently dangerous storm is approaching the city.

The second sound will be an alternating high and low tone for 45 seconds, the release states. This means the weather has passed, and the city is no longer in danger.

The warning system is designed to alert people who are outside, the release states. People inside may not hear the sirens and should use a radio, television or weather alert radio as means of monitoring weather conditions.

Citizens can also receive alerts via cell phone, home phone, text message and email by signing up through

NW News on 09/10/2015

Bentonville Test Sirens Friday