The Trashcan Bandits Back On Tour


The Trashcan Bandits are back on tour! The four piece band hailing from the hills of Arkansas and often described as a wooden roller coaster of gypsy pirate blues and scowling Irish swampgrass.

After a 5 years hiatus, The Trashcan Bandits are back with a vengeance and currently recording a new album. The band has new music, new videos, and merch and are hitting the road with a short, regional tour that includes some great events such as SOAR NWA in Fayetteville.

*Dane plays electric guitar with a thumb pick and is very enthusiastic about always exploring new modes and chords….jazzy! His voice doesn’t fit his wiry frame: he likes to sing deeply and with authority. 

*Patti plays the clarinet and mandolin (spoons and bass occasionally). She has deep roots in folk and blues rock having grown up around her father (blues/rock guitarist). She comes from concert band in high school and some college as well as many years jammin’ in the streets, venues and anywhere they will let her be. Her passion for music can be felt in the way she improvises; she was made for the stage. 

*Nicholas plays the drums and the banjo. He plays the drums for our live performances and banjo on the album or more intimate occasions. He comes from a concert and orchestral background. 

*Ed plays the bass and trumpet. Ed’s approach to bass is to bridge the gap between rhythm and counter-melodies. Ed is so cool that sometimes he can play the bass and trumpet at the same time.