Exit From Dark Release Whimsical Single With Video


Exit From Dark Release Whimsical Single With Video

Melvern, Arkansas based, Alternative Rockers Exit From Dark has released their new lyrical video, produced by Marie Bessant for their new release of “Whimsical”. The Cover Art had been done by Dylan Clark.

The song was recorded by Darian Stribling at Blue Chair Recording Studio in Austin, Arkansas and mastered by Justin Weiss, who has also mastered for bands such as Papa Roach and Sammy Haggar.

The release of “Whimsical” touches on the hardships we face with certain individuals that come into our life who may not have the best interest in their hearts. Haters so to speak but the chorus sounds more like a plea for help and a need for positive change in our world.

The song “Whimsical” is now available for download on the band’s Band Camp site at www.exitfromdark.bandcamp.com

Exit From Dark formed 2017 recording their first “Demo” Old ways won’t open new doors
Onward 2018 they took the scene by surprise, airing “Take Control” and “Jelly loves my baby” on terrestrial and online radio stations.

In 2019, came new music with a more Radio Sound such as “Take me away” and “Meant to be” and Influenced by Foo Fighters, U2, Radiohead, Kings Of Leon, and even Motorhead.

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