Artist Spotlight: Copelin Bates

Update 01/26/2019: Copelin passed away today. He was my friend.

Copelin Bates  is an artist of multiple genres. Pursing “Rock and Roll” to the fullest, with an edge of “Acoustic R&B” and “Blues”.

Copelin picked up his first guitar at the age of 11 and could never shy away. After learning about the conflicts of day to day life in the world, he begin writing short stories and songs at the age of 12. Attending high school in the up and coming mecca of the “Prep football world”(Northwest Arkansas), Copelin stepped away from pursuing any hopes and dreams of college football as the high school years faded and the love of music begin to blossom.

Copelin decided to build a great relationship with the area, and follow his dreams of being a singer song writer of the new generation and feels music can heal the world that we live in, hoping his can make it a better place.

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