Did you know you can “Blip” all over this great nation? At Home Billboard Advertising has been growing. And it’s been growing lot. You’ve seen them while sitting at the light. The catchy images grab your attention as the newer digital boards flash from image to image.

So how can this help a musician or band? Are you setting out on a new Tour? Maybe you just released a new Single. Perhaps you want to build your Social Media base in certain markets.

With Digital Billboards you can schedule when and where your ads pops up. Perfect as you travel from venue to venue. With no minimum, you can run your image to promote your upcoming show in each town for just a few dollars per day.

No more paying for ad space that doesn’t build brand awareness. No more posting ads where your potential customers won’t see them. Basically, with Digital Billboards, there is no more advertising waste. Advertise from Oregon to Florida. BLIP Digital Billboards are in 30 different states and counting. Oh, and now they offer space in Canada.

The biggest bands in the world use them. The biggest companies. Even Youtube. Why? Because compared to other outlets, it’s almost free. No one provides you targeted, affordable digital ads like Digital Billboards do. Consider the low cost option as an addition to your band or brand.