About Rocklahoma

Rocklahoma (also known as Rock Fever Presents Rocklahoma or Rock Fever) is an annual 3-day hard rock music festival with camping held in Pryor, Oklahoma on Memorial Day Weekend. The festival features 4 official stages, as well as many unofficial campground parties and performing acts and onsite vendors. It is currently billed as one of the many festivals that make up AEG Entertainment’s World’s Loudest Month concert series. There were an estimated 100,000 people (about 30,000 per day) at the first annual Rocklahoma held in 2007. Playboy and Rolling Stone in 2008 called Rocklahoma one of the top festivals that should not be missed.

Rocklahoma Line up

Click HERE for this year’s line up.

Rocklahoma Ticket Prices

Single Day, Weekend and VIP passes are available for this event. The General Admission prices are priced in Phases. These price increase as the event gets closer. Keep current with up to date prices HERE

Rocklahoma Campgrounds Hours

Sunday, May 17th: 12pm – 8pm CST
Monday, May 18th: 9am -8pm CST
Tuesday, May 19th: 9am – 8pm CST
Wednesday, May 20th: 9am – 8pm CST
Thursday, May 21st: 9am – 10pm CST
Friday, May 22nd: 8am – 8pm CST
Saturday, May 23rd: 8am – 8pm CST
Sunday, May 24th: 9am – 3pm CST

Miss Rocklahoma Contest

The Miss Rocklahoma contest is not just about beauty and sexuality It’s about an energizing, fun-loving and amiable individual who truly represents and encapsulates the spirit of what Rocklahoma is all about. Miss Rocklahoma must be a lady who exhibits a true passion for ’80s metal.

Rocklahoma Vendors

Rocklahoma offers an attractive package to Food Trucks, Retailers and Crafts. The festival draws in 10’s of thousands of rock fans and campers from all across the country each year. Learn more about the Rocklahoma Vendor Packages HERE

Rocklahoma Weather Safety

In the event of severe weather, there will be a public address announcement such as: “Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please. There is a severe weather event approaching. It is necessary that all persons safely exit the venue at this time and take immediate cover. Please remain calm and exit the venue in an orderly manner. Ample exits are available for everyone to exit quickly and safely so please do not run, push or shove. Once outside the gates please return to your vehicles until the storm passes.” During an emergency, festival teams will be deployed to assist with crowd flow and evacuation if necessary. Follow Rocklahoma on Twitter for instant info @Rocklahoma.