NWA’s Before We Burn Ready For First EP

FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS – New comer’s Before We Burn are teasing of the band’s first EP. The band is a post hardcore metal band in Fayetteville, Arkansas

We are currently looking to fill our last guitarist position. All of us started together since we were kids and we have a lot of passion and experience with what we do.

Current members include Colby Irons, Philip Long, Christofer Upton, Zac Iles, and Justin Lowery.

Before the start of the Before We Burn project, their first band represented Arkansas for a Compilation CD at Warped Tour.

Before We Burn has been recording an EP and has a debut single called “Wasn’t Meant to Be” to release June 31st. The full EP is expected out in October of 2019. 

Check out this video teaser of “The Beatdown”