NW Arkansas’ popular, Randall Shreve brings his own wine-soaked flavor of indie rock to audiences around the country. His music, which has been described as “Vaudeville Rock,” derives its unmistakable sound from influences such as Queen, Muse, The Beatles, and Jeff Buckley, but plays them against the dark and sultry backdrop of cabaret.

Randall has the 4th album on the way, but needs a little funding help.

“You all have been so wonderfully enthusiastic and supportive of my music through the years! I’m coming to you now to give you a chance to help bring this new album to life. The cost of recording, releasing, and promoting an album is daunting; but I’m passionately committed to making it happen, and releasing what I am convinced is hands down my best album to date. With your help, we can make “The End” a reality.”

You can help Randall Shreve with his fundraiser HERE

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