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10522106_251705281705690_5728748373156778849_n Nothing is worse than having to fix a car problem when you least expect it. One of the biggest challenges is finding the time to take your vehicle to a repair shop, which often requires towing, taking time off work, arranging a ride, skipping lunch then needing to leave work early to pick up the vehicle, not to mention the costs.

Tony Geiser of Springdale has seen it over and over with over 20 years as a Mechanic in NW Arkansas. After a unexpected lay-off he to struggled as he tried to figure out what was best for him and his family.

10478197_238686579674227_5155755819485378386_nLast year Tony opened up Pro-Mobile of NWA, a 24/7 Mobile, ASC Certified Mechanic Service. “I wanted to still be able to offer an affordable and dependable service using what I know how to do, and at People’s Prices” says Tony. With rising costs in Vehicle Maintenance, Pro-Mobile of NWA not only comes to their customer but can typically offer his service at about 1/2 the cost of taking it to a shop, in the end saving you money. No more tow trucks, missing work or arranging rides. A simple phone call will get Pro-Mobile to your door.

1Tony says “We even offer a true A/C recharge service for $89.00 and can be done while you are sitting at work. We can do most other repairs on site and in most cases, we’re done by the time you you are off work. It really takes away the added burden of needing a repair in the first place”. Pro-Mobile of NWA also has a shop that is used for bigger jobs such as complete engine rebuilds.




No matter where you break down at, Pro-Mobile of NWA can get to you. For more information on Pro-Mobile visit  them and give them a Like on Facebook.

Put their number in your phone right now! 479-717-5530.

Mobile Mechanic Makes Life Easier In NWA