Photo: Facebook

Bentonville Water Tower Fight Collects Donations

What started off as a couple of people creating fake Facebook pages as local city pages turned into an afternoon of giving.

A spoof Facebook page called The City of Bentonville began last week with edgy posts that had many confused. Some thought these were original posts from the real Bentonville page.

As the page following grew so did the comments that had many laughing and sharing the posts. Soon several more spoof pages popped up and began challenging and “talking trash” on each other’s “cities”. Eventually enough was enough.

With the majority of the chatter going between the Bentonville page and the spoof page The City of Rogers continuing, Bentonville created a Facebook page called “Fist Fight at the Water Tower” and challenged Rogers to a fight. The Internet went nuts!

It wasn’t long before the event caught the attention of local leaders who voiced their concerns that 100’s of people may actually show up to fight, so spoof page creators agreed to team up and make this a charity event for food and coats and monetary donations for the Children’s Advocacy Center of Benton County  Several sponsors joined in to raise money for the NWA Women’s Shelter.

You can see more photos on the official Facebook Event HERE