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Mark your calendars for September 12th and join us at the 2015 World Squirrel Cook off! Your whole family will enjoy the event and its FREE………

People come from across the country and the world to Bentonville Arkansas for the World Championship Squirrel Cook Off. The event has been seen on the Travel channel, WSJ, and hundreds of media sources across America. You need to be here for the 2015 version on September 12th, we will once again have the finest wild game chefs, camp cooks, and foodies here to show the world “Squirrel its what’s for supper”. Check out or photo page for pictures from past events. Also we have some great merchandise for all of you squirrel cooking lovers.

From Squirrel gumbo to Squirrel pizza, we have seen hundreds of unique recipes. No two teams cook this limb chicken the same way, and that’s what makes our event so special. We only control that 80% of the meat used in the dish be squirrel other than that, there is no limit. This year we even had squirrel ice cream, and lollipops (WOW). So if you like to BBQ, Cook, Bake, or love wild game this is the event for you.

Teams can be 2 person or 3 person, the contestants have 2 1/2 hours to make a main dish and side dish. The only real rules are all items must be cooked onsite, the dish must have 80% of the meat squirrel, and you have a rocking side dish (25% of the total score).

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