Rocklahoma Prices Move To Phase 2

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 Rocklahoma Prices Move To Phase 2

Rocklahoma GA tickets move into it’s 2nd pricing phase as we inch closer to this year’s event in May. Several ticket packages are available, however most have also entered their 2nd phase.

As Rocklahoma 2018 gets closer, ticket prices will rise and you risk the chance of experiencing Campgroud Sell-Out.

This year, Rocklahoma offers a Lay Away option for persons needing to stretch out their finances, making it possible to to pay off your balance this Tax Season.


Rocklahoma Lay Away Policy

  • There will be two payment options to select from at check out – Layaway or pay your order in full
  • Layaway plan option is subject to availability and may expire at any time
  • If a Credit Card is declined at any time, an attempt will be made to contact the customer for verification
  • All purchases are final. No refunds or exchanges
  • All tickets that are paid in full, regardless of date of purchase, will be mailed within four weeks of date of festival
  • Defaults on payments will result in cancellation of your order and a $50 cancellation fee. No exceptions. It is 100% your responsibility to keep track of your payments. You must pay attention to your bank / credit card statements to make sure your payment went through. You will have a 10-day grace period to pay after the initial charge is attempted. If your payment is not made by the 10th day after your initial charge is run, your order will be cancelled and your will be charged the $50 cancellation fee.
  • All Layaway charges occur automatically every 30 days. The payments break out to:
    • 25% – at the time of purchase (Payment #1)
    • 25% – 30 days after initial payment (Payment #2)
    • 25% – 30 days after payment 2 (Payment #3)
    • 25% – 30 days after payment 3 (Payment #4)
  • Beginning February 1st, the payments will switch to 3-payment period. The payments break out to:
    • 33% – at the time of purchase (payment #1)
    • 33% – 30 days after the initial payment (payment #2)
    • 34% – 30 days after payment 2 (payment #3)


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