Annual Fayetteville Springfest Event Comes To A Close


Annual Fayetteville Springfest Event Comes To A Close

In a Press Release issues today, Organizers of the Fayetteville Springfest event have announced that due to the growth in Fayetteville’s Downtown area, the annual charity event, dating back to the 1980’s has come to an end.

Press Release – February 11, 2020

For many years the annual Fayetteville Springfest has brought a community together to celebrate what much of Fayetteville has to offer to it’s citizens and our friends from around the region. In 2018, the Northwest Arkansas Musicians Coalition (NWAMC) took over Fayetteville Springfest and held a successful event for 2019, highlighting local artists, charities and businesses to 1000’s of event goers.

As we enter 2020, new growth to Fayetteville’s Entertainment District will bring new changes. With the addition of local events in cooperation of Dickson Street’s Merchant Association, they will focus on the future sustainability of business, culture, live music and art that continue to grow in it’s area.

To make room for this growth, changes to the area will include the cancellation of Fayetteville’s annual Springfest event.

The Northwest Arkansas Musicians Coalition (NWAMC) will continue to work with the area’s organizers for future events in Northwest Arkansas.

Thank you to all for being apart of over 30 years of a Fayetteville tradition.

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